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Stop Guessing

Its time to rediscover what the

stars in your eyes told you long ago.

It took me years to trust what I believed as a teen. Yep, I'm talking about astrology. You are a super complex being---totally unique and just like everyone else. Hold on for a sec, we're all born of cosmic intelligence and love so you're in good company! There's no need to start from scratch when your natal chart is there to guide you. It took me diving into mine to realize how much astrology can sort out confusion and create compassion. Want to take out the guesswork and get excited about YOU!?


This 5 Card spread is here to help you gain insight and clarity, inspiration and activation, and a path through the wilderness of challenging times. 

Use the accompanying guide to delve deeper into the placements of each card and assist you as you intuitively access the guidance of your reading!

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