She is the one who opens your heart and sends you spinning with golden light. Supported and open, this Ankh is spacious. The raw energy of its form and outline speaks to the place within you that remembers without having to recall.

This Ankh necklace as well as all of the Ankh jewelry from the collection honor and respect the culture and land from which the symbol originates, Kemet, or as we call it today, Egypt.


Uniquely designed, hand detailed and refined each necklace is unique, and will have its own character. These are not cast but hand formed and soldered. 


Made to order in Brass or Silver (please allow 1-2 weeks for MADE TO ORDER items to ship)

Hand stamped details
Please Select Chain length and Metal below


Made with Love and Achemical Magick in my home studio

Key of Life Necklace


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